Your Healthy and Esthetic Smile

Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic

Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic was founded by Sinem Aydinmakina in 2012. Located in the downtown area of Eskisehir, Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic with its experienced dentists, provides for patients from Eskisehir and surrounding cities.

Treatments we provide are: dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, cyst removal surgeries, advanced dental surgeries, endodontics and periodontics, pedodontic treatments, prosthodontics (laminate, porcelain and zirconium dentures, removable dentures), digital smile design, botox treatment for bruxism, teeth whitening and any relevant dental treatments.

Using the motto “Your Healthy and Esthetic Smile”, Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic promises to provide patients with top-tier esthetics along with ensuring healthy teeth.

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About Sinem Aydinmakina Taraktas

Sinem Aydinmakina was born as the daughter of Kamil Aydinmakina, locally renown dentist treating patients in Eskisehir area for 35 years. After she finished her studies at Ankara Gazi University in 2001, Sinem Aydinmakina worked for Özel Sakarya Şifa Polyclinic between 2001-2004.

Sinem Aydinmakina founded her own private practice in 2004 and later founded Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic in 2012. Sinem Aydinmakina married cardiologist Murat Taraktas in 2013 and she has two daughters.

Sinem Aydinmakina Taraktaş


Materials and Equipment

High Quality and Reliable

In Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic we use high-grade, high quality materials to ensure the perfect treatment of all of our patients.

We stay up-to-date with current treatment policies and technologies and use high-grade medical and dental equipment to give our patients a healthy and esthetic smile.

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X Radius Compact Digital Panoramic X-Ray

X Radius Compact Digital Panoramic X-Ray is the latest technology x-ray equipment we use in Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic.

X Radius Compact Digital Panoramic X-Ray allows our dentists an accurate diagnosis, fast usage and reliable results.

3D Intraoral Scanner

Digital Age in Dentistry

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, 3Shape is a leading company in digital dentistry, providing their users with smart solutions for dental scanning and printing softwares. 3Shape provides high comfort and innovative treatments for patients. 3-Dimensional intraoral scan is forwarded to a digital design software and provides treatment for patients free from impression-materials. Your dentures are designed virtually and 3D printed and cemented on the same day.

Our Partners

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Based in Switzerland, Strauman produces dental implants, dental equipment, biomaterials, CADCAM dentures, digital equipment and softwares and solutions for orthodontics and preventative dentistry.


South Korea

Dentis is a medical company producing smart solutions, lead by CEO Sim Gibong. Dentis is renown not only in South Korea but with active marketing in many countries of the World, and has proved itself succesful with dental implants.

3shape partner



Benefiting dentists and patients alike, 3Shape has provided dentistry with new and innovative technologies. 3Shape is a company based in Denmark, and is awarded for being the best in the market in digital scanning and CADCAM.