eskişehir diş doktoru sinem aydınmakina implant

Eskisehir dentist Sinem Aydinmakina Taraktas, founder of Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic, was interviewed by Cardiologist Dr. Murat Taraktas on Vakti Sıhhat programme of


Sinem Aydinmakina Taraktas has talked about dental health and dental implants, and expressed that due to lack of oral hygiene and unhealthy eating habits, loss of teeth due to caries and cavities has been increasing while the age to have missing teeth has been dropping.


Dentist Sinem Aydinmakina Taraktas emphasised the importance of healthy eating, and expressed that due to an increase in eating softer foods (i.e. carbonhydrates), children’s teeth and jaws have been lacking in growth. She pressed that for jaws to grow healthily, harder foods need to be consumed. She reminded that early childhood caries, feeding bottle caries starts at a very early age and then are followed by more serious habits such as fixxy drinks, cigarette, alcohol, tea and coffee consumption. She expressed that these habits hurt teeth and gums seriously and with proper dental care and regular visits to a dentists, most of these problems can be prevented or cured.


Dentist Sinem Aydinmakina Taraktas underlined the importance of children meeting dentists at an early age to overcome anxiety and develop healthy oral habits early. She informed viewers on good dental and gum hygiene, expressed that brushing needs to be followed by flossing and moutwash solutions.


Can diabetics get dental implants?

Dentist Sinem Aydinmakina Taraktas answered a frequently asked question by patients who lost teeth from gum disease cause by diabetes.


If their diabetes is under control, a diabetic can easily get dentures or dental implants, said Dentist Sinem Aydinmakina Taraktas. She followed that people with cardiac disease who uses blood thinners need to get their gum bleeding under control quickly. As for dental surgeries for people who use blood thinners, most surgeries can be done, and whether they will need to stop taking their drugs or not depends on the patient’s situation.


What is a dental implant?

Dentist Sinem Aydinmakina Taraktas explained that a dental implant is a faux root made of titanium and placed into the jaws in place of any missing teeth, to support the prosthodontic restoration. After the planning stage and local anesthesia, dental implant operation only takes 6 to 15 minutes and can be used for life with correct dental care.


Dentist Sinem Aydinmakina Taraktas expressed that with modern technology, dental implant technologies have also been improving and thus under local anesthesia, a dental implant operation causes less trauma and less pain than tooth extraction.


Implants can save the patient from using total dentures in most cases, while in some cases it can help improve the experience with a full denture. After the surgery, it takes roughly 3 months for the jawbone to heal and connect to the implant, said Dentist Sinem Aydinmakina Taraktas, and afterwards the treatment is followed by the appropriate restorations.

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