About Advanced Surgeries

Advanced surgeries are: Split osteotomy (jaw extension), unerupted or erupted teeth extraction, cyctic or tumoral lesion removal of the jaws, oral soft tissue treatments, jaw correction operation preceeding prosthodontic restorations, root apex lesion cleaning (apical resection), treatment of jaw or temporomandibular joint problems and dental implant treatments.

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Questions & Answers

What dental problems require advanced surgery?

Treatment of intraoral soft tissue lesions, diagnosis and treatment of jaw bone pathologies, erupted and unerupted teeth extractions, cycst removal operations, dental implants, implant supported jaw and face prosthetics, bone augmentation and sinus lifting.

Is it difficult to treat 20 year old teeth and impacted teeth?

Although it depends on the experience of the physician, embedded tooth extraction is a painless and painless procedure for 2 minutes.

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