About Digital Smile Design

Smile Design is the process to provide the most ideally esthetic smile for the patient. Within the limitations of health and natural looks, we try to provide the best design for the patient’s expectations. A 3D model is made based on the shape, colour and sizes suitable for the patient’s face shape. After the patient is satisfied, treatment process begins. 3D modelling provides comfort for the patient since the end result is clear from the start.


Smile design is a treament specific to the patient. The biggest advantage digital smile design is that the patient knows the end result before the treatment begins.

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Hollywood Smile

Digital smile design, also known as Hollywood Smile, your teeth should be the colour, shape and size in harmony with your lip and face shape. For this design, a model is made based on the harmony between your lip structure, length of your teeth, gum properties and the proportions of your teeth and lip sizes. There shouldn’t be any missing teeth or taint on teeth surface. Gums and teeth surface should look clean and there shouldn’t be any uneven teeth.

The biggest advantage for Hollywood smile design is that patients will have a clear idea of the end result before the treatment starts. A digital computer design is made and showed to the patient for their approval. This way, the patient can feel more confident in the treatment and those who postpone their treament for fear of not liking the end result can be relieved.

Treatments used in combination for digital smile design: Bleaching, Porcelain Laminates, Zirconia or porcelain crown restorations, gum esthetic operations, orthodontics treatments and dental implants.

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Questions & Answers

What treatments does smile desing contain?

Based on the patient’s needs, smile design will treat the following conditions: staining and discolouration on the teeth, broken or traumatised teeth, inflamed gums, crooked teeth or diastema between the teeth. Missing teeth can be restored. Bright, healthy looking teeth and a pretty smile will be achieved.

How long does a smile design treatment last?

The duration of these treatments depends on the patient’s needs.

What are the advantaged of digital smile design?

The biggest advantage of digital smile design is that the end result is decided on before the treatment begins, that way the patient can start their treament with no doubts.

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