About Pedodontics

Pedodontics or children’s dentistry is a specialty which focuses on infant and child tooth and skeletal growth, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental caries and malformations, as well as following decidious and permanent teeth growth and ensuring the formation of healthy oral habits and hygiene.


The main goal of pedodontics is to treat dental problems and prevent further issues, helping children grow into healthy adults. Some treatments this specialty performs are the treatment of early childhood dental caries, children’s dentures, teeth extractions, flouride treatments, fissure sealants and other preventative treatments, dental trauma treatment, endodontics treatments, creaking unhealthy habits like finger sucking and nail biting and dental placeholders.

Children’s Dentistry

Children’s dentistry focuses on ages 0-12, aiming to ensure the healthy growth and function as well as treatment of caries, trauma and genetic issues or decidious and permanent teeth.

Pedodontics performs any and all treatments included in dentistry but specialises in adapting these to provide a safe and healthy environment and treatment plan for children.

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Questions & Answers

When should be the first dental appointment for children?

First evaluation should be done when a baby gets their first teeth, betwen 6 months and 12 months of age.

What is a good dental hygiene routine for children?

Infant dental hygiene is immensely important, since the acids in breastmilk is harmful to teeth. For the first two years, teeth must be cleaned regularly using water. When the child learns how to spit, brushing can be done using finger brushes and toothpaste with a low flouride concentration.

What’s the reason for early childhood dental caries?

In most cases, early dental caries is caused by malnutrition, dipping pacifiers to honey or sugar and not following a good oral hygiene routine for the child. However in some cases problems can arise from breathing or functional issues such as repeated adenoid or tonsil infections.

What is baby bottle tooth decay and how to prevent them?

Frequent, long-lasting feeding with baby bottles, especially through the night, causes baby bottle tooth decays. To prevent this from happening, parents should clean the tooth after feeding and make sure the baby doesn’t g oto sleep sucking on baby bottle.

Is dental caries contagious?

Yes, dental caries is contagious. There are a number of bacteria that causes tooth decay. A baby’s first contact with these bacteria is through the mother or primary caregiver, when the mother kisses the baby or feeds it with her own utencils.

Is dental caries preventable?

Preventing children from eating too much carbonhydrates, helping children with their oral hygiene and making them gain a good dental hygiene routine as early as possible, are some things parents can do to prevent dental caries. Another thing is to make regular visits to a dentist to get early diagnosis and have Professional prevention treatments done, such as fissure sealants or flouride gels.

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