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Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic

Eskişehir Dentist and Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic was founded by Sinem Aydinmakina, DMD in 2012. Sinem Aydinmakina, DMD got her dentistry degree in 2001 from Ankara Gazi University. She worked in Özel Sakarya Şifa Polyclinic between 2001 and 2004. Aydinmakina, DMD has been performing dental implant surgeries since 2002. She founded her own clinic in 2004, and later founded Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic in 2012.

Located in the downtown area of Eskisehir, Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic with its experienced dentists, provides for patients from Eskisehir and surrounding cities.

Treatments we provide are: dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, cyst removal surgeries, advanced dental surgeries, endodontics and periodontics, pedodontic treatments, prosthodontics (laminate, porcelain and zirconium dentures, removable dentures), digital smile design, botox treatment for bruxism, teeth whitening and any relevant dental treatments.

Using the motto “Your Healthy and Esthetic Smile”, Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic promises to provide patients with top-tier esthetics along with ensuring healthy teeth.

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Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic

Six Reasons to Choose Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic for Your Treatments

While there are many reasons to choose us, here is a list of top six reasons.

Experienced Dentists

In Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic, our dentists who are experienced in their respective areas, contantly add to their level of knowledge and treat each and every patient with special and up-to-date procedures.
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High Quality Materials

In Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic, we ensure the safety and long-lasting treatment by using top quality and reliable materials.
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Advanced Technology

In Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic, we follow newest dental Technologies closely and incorporate new devices and equipment to provide the best treatment for our patients.
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Friendly Dentists and Staff

In Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic our young and friendly clinicians and staff work tirelessly to help you get over your fears based around dental treatment.

Children’s Dentistry

In Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic, we make sure to make dental treatments a fun occasion for your children with our dentist experienced in pedodontics. That way, your children can get their treatments with no pain and no tears shed.
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Great Reviews

In Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic, we make sure our patients leave here feeling confident and happy.
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Measures for COVID-19

Our clinic is disinfected multiple times every day using Multiway Clean disinfectant. This disinfectant is a wide spectrum, environment-safe solution that contains Hypochlorous acid. It doesn’t contain any toxic materials and eliminated viruses, bacteria and fungi in seconds.

Hypochlorous acid makes up about 80% of our immune mechanisms. Multiway Clean disinfectant is certified by Yeditepe University and Turkish Ministry of Health Public Health Institution.

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Top-notch Treatment Procedures in Mouth and Dental Health

Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic treats patients safely and reliably by its spacious waiting space, good hygiene and frequently sterilised equipment.
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Orthodontics is the dental specialty that focuses on uneven teeth and faulty teeth and bone structures of mouth area and the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of such issues. We offer orthodontic treatment in our clinic by our orthodontologist.
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Dental Implants

Implants are synthetic roots place into the jaws, usually shaped like a screw, to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are generally made from titanium, which the body recognises as the same as its bone structure, and provide high success rate because of the healthy bone growth around the implants.
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Prosthodontics or Dentures are prosthetics to replace missing teeth and other dental structure for the patient to regain healthy mouth functions like chewing and speaking. We provide top quality denture treatments in Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic.
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Root Canal Treatment

When the live tissue, dental pulp, inside the tooth root canal is infected it needs to be treated by a root canal treatment. We use high quality equipment in Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic to provide best root canal treatments.
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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the procedure to displace the colored material inside the tooth’s structure. This procedure is different to tartar cleaning treatments, and has a different effect in the overall look of the smile.
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Smile Design

Smile design is to use dental and artistic aspects together to give the patient the best smile possible. Smile Design is planned together with the patient based on their expectations, along with high regard for health and a natural looking result.
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Pedodontics or children’s dentistry is the specialty that focuses on childrens tooth and jawbone growth since infancy, and provides prevention, treatment and follow-up for the child
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Advanced Surgery

In Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic we provide surgeries for dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, cyst removal and other advanced dental surgeries.
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3Shape 3D Scanner

In Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic, getting dental impressions by elastic materials is history. We follow up the latest technological developments and use 3Shape 3D Scanner. Impressions are scanned into 3Shape 3D Scanner and your dentures are printed with perfect accuracy and cemented on your prepared teeth on the same day.
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Digital Age in Dentistry

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, 3Shape is a leading company in digital dentistry, providing their users with smart solutions for dental scanning and printing softwares. 3Shape provides high comfort and innovative treatments for patients. 3-Dimensional intraoral scan is forwarded to a digital design software and provides treatment for patients free from impression-materials. Your dentures are designed virtually and 3D printed and cemented on the same day.

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