eskisehir dis doktoru-dis hekimi seinem aydinmakina gulus tasarimi

Well-renown in Eskisehir dental clinic Aydinmakina Dental Polyclinic founder Sinem Aydinmakina DMD explained smile desing, as know as Hollywood Smile, on


Sinem Aydinmakina DMD, explained that smile design is specifically designed for a patient and is unique like fingerprint. She said that it’s important to understand the history and needs of the patient since a pretty smile gives a youtful glow to a patient. This way the patient feels dynamic, young and better looking.


Sinem Aydinmakina DMD told that most patients come to the clinic with problems such as “my teeth are too small”, “my teeth should be bigger and whiter”, “my lower teeth or gums show too much while talking”. Along with these problems, a patient might experience more wrinkles around the lip are with their age getting older and their muscle tissue losing composure. With issues like bruxism, leading to loss of dental tissue, is often followed by a reduced length of lower face, then causing to show lower teeth more. Esthetically, this makes a person look older and so this is one of the most frequent issues bothering patients.


Aydinmakina DMD followed up with;


Is this issue treatable? Yes. At any age, it’s possible to solve these problems. Smile design gives us tools such as realigning gums, pink esthetic, correcting teeth alignment, correcting colours of teeth and other cosmetic retouching. With recent systems, digital smile allows us to provide an ideal design for the patient, with guidance from photographs, videos and impressions. With minimal or no reshaping teeth, new designs are perpared and are more in tune with the patient’s face shape and esthetic needs. Patient can express their own feelings and and thoughts before the treatment begins. If approved, this treatment can be finished withing 1 to 15 days. It’s important to do a treatment that includes gum alignments, lip aligment, teeth alignment and what teeth are visible while smiling to provide overall harmonious esthetic.

We demonstrate the end result to our patients. For restorations we can use porcelain laminates, with 200 micron thickness, which allows use to minimally prepare a tooth to protect 70% of it but still provide esthetic. When laminates are not suitable, we can opt for zirconia which has great luminescence, we have e-max glass ceramics which show great adaptation to gum tissue. We want more luminescence to provide a more natural look, closer to natural teeth. For orthodontic treatments, there’s saphire brackets which aren’t fully invisible but are subtle. Lingual brackets can be used, speakers or celebrities can use those. Another system we use for adult patients is special splints to provide orthodontic treatment without using brackets. Following these treatments, teeth whitening and laminates to enlarge smaller teeth can be used.

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