About Dentures

Dentures are artificial materials used to replace the lost esthetic and function of missing teeth. Depending on patient’s needs, traditional full dentures, partial dentures, snap-in dentures or crown and bridge prosthodontics. With these different types of prosthodontics, functions and visuals such as eating, pronunciation, lip fullness or tongue shape can be restored.

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Types of Dentures

Partial dentures (Removable dentures)

These dentures are removable and fill the empty space left by missing teeth and oral tissue. Getting used to these removable dentures can take some time. Especially the remaining oral tissue such as gums, cheeks and tongue sensations can be tough to adapt. It’s important to eat meals in small bites and chew with both sides during this period. Removable dentures should not be worn 24/7. They need to be cleaned and wrapped into a wet paper towel at night or be put inside a cup of water. That way both oral tissues will have time to rest, and denture infections caused by bacteria and fungi can be prevented.

Full dentures

In the case of all teeth being missing, dentures need to placed on top of gums and special measures should be put in place to make sure the denture is stable and supported.

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Questions & & Answers

What are dentures?

Dentures are materials put in place of missing teeth.

Are denture treatments painful?

Local anesthesia is used while tooth preparation to prevent any pain.

How long does a denture treatment take to be finished?

The length of this treatment varies depending on what issue the patient has. After tooth preparation, temporary dentures are put in place to protect prepared teeth to prevent any issues until dentures are prepared.

How are dental impressions done?

In our clinic, we use 3shape intraoral scanner to take digital impressions.

Is it hard to take care of dentures?

As with any other treatment, it’s important that the patient provides good dental hygiene. With dentures, this includes both brushing your teeth regularly and cleaning your removable dentures regulary.

Questions & answers

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